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This is the brother and others yeah. I know it's a getaway a state going to ask you to climb up off. You're wearing a five pocket right yet to fully atop their almighty a lot of this is the five of their secret fifth. One line and in this one this line it does not leave them and they have and he has them.

Are they comfortable they're super Russell turnaround yet show everyone show the world sons when he gathered here booed today right. They are on nice unique I'm accompanying gulf front. And is do that little now they feel really really comfortable. It is. This is the tests when you put on a pair of jeans you want to do this while Sox. Aren't an apartment moment while that's the problem you don't want to show like we call it will tell in the fashion business outside where you're like. You know your undies are selling other little gap don't want we'll tell him you ending a look for groceries if you give your kids are run around.

When you have to look at apple app on the plane they don't know don't do that because there are a little bit higher percent higher on the back. T this is so oh. And it cool news that they instilled cool their genes are not mommy she won it in a lot of girls are areas that curves are yours I can I don't know people relate to curb Saddam but.

I'm sure the ladies here can't hit and first thing you do is you're trying to find it Jeanne if it's the right curve at the right time we'll entirely like today. Witnesses let me give you get and that's. You have to find something that it's your largest port for everything else can be altered OK but I've been telling you with rough mile that's unnecessary.

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Because there is no gaping in the that we've seen. Let's seen some these other. That would style do you have idea how you have this raid. Is he doesn't I'm skinny of the militants in the thinking questions coming we want to hear from you can't apparently.

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Now come over here so we can hear Tina in the light you know this raid on okay which is really nice to you have this lately boyish figure way you referred to yourself that they. At dean T. You are I would agree with but you know I'm kind of figure in other areas Atlanta town Connie ball got areas clean air you see nothing yes your Tyson. Well that's great yeah.

I'm daily check and it isn't even. And if you go to some retail and you can find any but what did that mean this is a hot hotline ended teens are free shipping. Region the patent if you're talking about love we love let's see another I wanna make sure we get everyone together he can't. A lot coming we want to talk you know this time even if they have nothing to do what we're talking now. Daschle or any day as Adam once and an earth like a a you'd be surprised at zones about the within the question Carol wants to know size ranges.

Sides ages this is by best answer from the teeth to claws and everything in between truly everything. And it there is something for every body Carol there's going to be a skydiver everybody everybody as well I really appreciate about. He's feeds it's like the sisterhood of the traveling and that's next this stuff and what you are and cold soda pop. Mattel flatter and also other top it has no luck plot threads. And feel the fabric that we had a chance really feel like after it really nice.

If nobody is in the machine analog.

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Yes yes. What is the walking you watch obese and to watch on the team machine watchable. Country music singer reveals how she handles husband's infidelity.

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Nicki Minaj apparently married Kenneth Petty. Hall of Famer for the Oakland Raiders dies at Fewer salmon are surviving migration. Here's why that matters. It's unclear why McCain walked off the stage, but right before the break she and guest host Ana Navarro got into a disagreement as the group discussed whistleblowers and leakers, including WikiLeaks' Julian Assange.

As the panel voiced their opinions regarding McCain's comments, McCain tried to clarify as she talked over the other hosts: "Excuse me, maybe I was clumsy in the way that I said it. Because of the commotion, McCain appeared to not hear Navarro and replied, "I don't know what you just said. I'm two feet away," Navarro said. Deals are sold directly by each brand.

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